International Education Symposium & From Project to Practice
  • International Education Symposium & From Project to Practice

Writing Rules

For the issues to be considered while preparing the full text for the symposium, you can complete your application through the system after downloading the following files to your computer and editing them. After preparing your work with the downloaded file, you need to save it as PDF. Your work on the system is accepted as PDF.

Tam metin Yazım kılavuzu Word Dosya İndir

Tam metin Yazım kılavuzu PDF Dosya İndir

Örnek Sunu Dosyası İndir

Bildiri gönderimi için takip edilmesi gereken adımlar

Yoğun ilgi ve katılımlarınızdan dolayı teşekkür ederiz. UPUES 2021


  • The deadline for submitting papers to "International Education Symposium From Project to Practice (UPUES 2021) which is organized with the cooperation of Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education and Necmettin Erbakan University Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education and with the support of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, has been extented to 14th March, 2021 upon intense request.
  • Papers should only be sent through our website. Other forms of submission will not be accepted.
  • The papers accepted in our symposium will be presented online in digital platform
  • The papers should be prepared and sent according to the writing rules.

Important Dates

10 February 2021

Beginning of Submission of Papers

05 March
14 March 2021

Deadline for Submission of Project

20 March 2021

Announcement of the Symposium Program

01-04 April 2021

Sempozyum Date

25 April 2021

Printing the Symposium Book